Care & health of your dachshund

HerseyFor a long & healthy life, provide regular vet visits, optimum diet and provide basic grooming tasks.

For a dachshund to live a long and healthy life, you need to provide some basic care. This should include regular visits to the vet to insure your dog keeps up on all vaccinations and head off problems down the road.

Providing an optimum diet for your dog insures your dachshund doesn't become over-weight, has strong bones and healthy teeth. Performing basic grooming tasks regularly will prevent over-grown toe nails and a healthy coat that will protect them from the environment.

Major Dachshund Organs


Qualified veterinarians are your partners in good health

VetsVets Choosing a veterinarian is a lot like choosing a pediatrician. You want someone with good credentials, but you also want someone you can feel comfortable with. Someone who will answer all your questions, no matter how insignificant. Someone who genuinely loves animals and cares about your pet.

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Grooming tips

Grooming ToolsGrooming tools Because a dachshund should not be clipped or trimmed, grooming is relatively simple with little cost involved. You can perform almost all the procedures yourself.

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Dietary needs

Good FeedingWe are what we eat which holds for both people and dogs. For optimum growth and well-being, particularly as your dog ages, it is essential that you feed your dog appropriately.

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The Dachshund is a low-maintenance dog breed. Smooth dachshunds need little grooming but may need a sweater for cold winters. Longhair dachshunds need brushing to prevent mats, especially at the elbows and around the ears. Care for the wirehaired dachshunds are in between.