Top 12 Best Dachshund Backpacks and Carriers for Walking, Hiking, and Travel


Dachshunds are loyal little dogs, and they tend to bond strongly with their owners. That means your Dachshund is going to want to go everywhere you go. Unfortunately, though these sausage-shaped dogs have the courage and will to face all kinds of terrain, their short legs mean they can’t run alongside you for very long the way a larger dog can.

However, that certainly doesn’t mean your Doxie can’t come with you nearly anywhere. It just means you need to look into one of the many backpacks, purses, or carriers that can keep your dog safe and comfortable during hikes, long walks through the city, or even plane travel.

Of course, you also want to make sure the bag is comfortable for you to carry – 20 pounds of dog might not sound like a lot until you’re on mile three of your hike and your backpack’s straps don’t fit quite right.

With that in mind, we’ve made a list of the best Dachshund backpacks and carriers for toting around your canine best friend.

We’ll show you which features are available and what kind of carrier you’ll need for whatever outing you and furry friend might’ve got planned. We’ll also highlight the best carriers in a number of different categories.

Quick Overview of Dachshund Backpacks and Carriers

Products Types Best for Descriptions
PPOGOO Large Pet Travel Carrier Carrier Tight budgets This no-frills hand/shoulder bag offers what you need at a low price.
Siivton Expandable Pet Carrier (L/XL) Carrier Expanding for extra space Once you set it on the ground, this carrier can expand to nearly twice its own size for extra comfort.
PetAmi 4-Way Pet Carrier Backpack Backpack Miniature Dachshunds Relatively small but packed with features, this is a great mini Doxie backpack at a great price.
Amazon Basics 26″ Folding Soft Crate Carrier Standard Dachshunds If you need both a travel carrier and a stationary crate, this carrier has room for even the largest Dachshund.
Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack Backpack Best overall backpack This backpack offers the best combination of function and value – and it comes in seven colors, to boot.
K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Pet Carrier Car crate Car travel For car travel, you can’t beat the safety features and open-air feel of this carrier designed just for the road.
Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack Convertible Best overall carrier This convertible carrier/backpack is good for almost every purpose, including airline travel and long walks.
Katziela Pet Carrier Rolling carrier Airplane travel Let this carrier’s six wheels carry the weight of your Doxie as you roll them easily through the airport and onto your flight.
Timbuk2 Muttmover Luxe Backpack Backpack Lifetime warranty Timbuk2 guarantees the manufacturing of this cleverly-designed backpack for the lifetime of the product.
Kurgo G-Train K9 Backpack Convertible Hiking This heavy-duty hiking backpack can actually convert into a standard carrier, but its best feature is its ergonomic design.
Ibiyaya Double-Compartment Pet Carrier Backpack Multiple dogs Two miniature Doxies and their gear are no problem for this comfortably designed, heavy-duty backpack.
Django Dog Carrier Bag Tote bag Urban strolls It’s undoubtedly pricey, but this tote bag is the perfect shape for a Dachshund – and all the accessories you need to carry with you.

Top 12 Best Dachshund Backpacks and Carriers Reviews

1. Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack

Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack

We find the Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack to be the best overall combination of value, functionality, and style. It earns our recommendation as to the best Dachshund backpack.

Why It’s Great

The Pecute Backpack comes packed with features to keep your Dachshund safe and comfortable while you tote them around. The dog carrier portion has an unzippable mesh top to place your Dachshund inside the backpack and a reinforced bottom to support their weight.

It comes with a washable, double-sided pad for your dog to sit or sleep on. For the “walls” of the dog carrier backpacks, you can choose between a rubberized, lightweight mesh for greater ventilation or acrylic sheeting (with ventilation holes) for greater visibility. The mesh is probably best for hotter climates and acrylic for colder climates.

The backpack straps are padded and adjustable, and they include extra buckles at the chest and waist to help support the weight of your dog and take the strain off your back. It’s good for dogs up to 18 lbs.

This may not sound like much, particularly if you have a standard Dachshund, but frankly, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a backpack that supports more than about 20 pounds of dog.

This means the Pecute is actually near the upper weight limit for backpacks. It also offers some additional storage in two outer side pockets, including a slot for a water bottle.

Perhaps best of all, when you take this carrier off your back and set it down, the portion that rests against your back expands out an extra 11 inches to give your Dachshund more legroom – perfect for stopping for lunch while on the trail or setting your carrier down as you wait for your plane.

Though we wish the front carrier portion was a bit wider when not expanded, it is roomy for a backpack carrier. With the top unzipped, your Dachshund can peak their head out, and with the retractable safety clip attached to their collar, you know they won’t be able to jump out. And just in case you’ve got an escape artist dog, the zippers are reinforced with buckles so they won’t be able to squirm out any gaps.

Things We Like:

  • Good value for money
  • Rubberized mesh stands up to claws and teeth
  • Retractable safety clip and buckle-reinforced zippers
  • Choice of mesh or acrylic window siding
  • Expandable when not in use as a backpack and collapsible for storage
  • Comes in seven colors

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Larger Dachshunds won’t be able to stretch out unless it’s expanded
  • May be too tall for some airline requirements
  • Reportedly has a plastic smell, though this may fade

2. Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack

Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack

The extra-long Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack can be carried by hand, with a shoulder strap, as a backpack, and as a front pack. There’s even a seatbelt strap for car use. This incredible versatility means we find this to be the best Dachshund carrier available.

Why It’s Great

Though it might look like a duffel bag at first glance, the Natuvalle 6-in-1 is actually a cleverly designed pet carrier. In addition to regular carrying handles, it comes with two padded straps and a variety of metal D-ring attachments. 

You can use only one strap for cross-body carrying, or attach both straps and carry the weight of your dog – up to 16 pounds – on your chest or back. The solid wood “floor” of the carrier provides plenty of support, and at nearly 18 inches in length, your Dachshund will have no problem stretching out.

The interior provides plenty of comforts, with a removable fleece bed. Both ends of the carrier can open, meaning you can simply walk your Dachshund inside without having to lift them and place them in.

The mesh window on the top/side can also unzip, allowing your Dachshund to poke their head out when they’re riding. But don’t worry; the interior safety strap will ensure they don’t jump out.

Unfortunately, there’s not much room for extra storage, just a single exterior mesh pocket on one side. Additionally, since the carrier is not built solely for use as a backpack, it may not be as comfortable to wear on long walks.

However, this hasn’t stopped some users from taking their dogs on hikes with it, so your experience may vary. This is one of the widest carriers that can be used as a backpack, so it’s especially good for wiener dogs.

Things We Like

  • Extreme versatility in carrying methods
  • Medium size (best for Dachshunds) is 17.5” in length
  • Fits many airline size restrictions for carry-on baggage
  • Seatbelt straps for safe use in the car

Things We Don’t Like

  • Not actually designed as a backpack, so might not be comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Not as much ventilation or storage as some other carriers
  • Only available in blue

3. PPOGOO Airline Approved Dog Carrier

PPOGOO Airline Approved Dog Carrier

Maybe fancy features aren’t in your budget right now. Maybe you need a carrier that gets the job done with no frills but still allows you to comfortably tote your Dachshund around. In that case, we recommend the PPOGOO Large Pet Travel Carrier.

Why It’s Great

With the lowest price on our list, the PPOGOO pet carrier in size large has everything you need and nothing you don’t. With a 21”-long interior space, your Dachshund will have plenty of room to lie flat, and the large, low mesh windows give them plenty of room to a lookout. With a generous weight limit of up to 22 lbs., most Dachshunds will easily fit.

You can carry this bag either by the duffel-bag type handles or the removable shoulder strap. You even have a color choice of black, blue, or pink.

Now for what this basic carrier doesn’t have: extra storage, padding for you or your dog, reinforced zippers, and safety straps. 

You can supply your own padding for the interior of the carrier, but because the shoulder strap isn’t padded, carrying this bag for long periods – especially with a 22-pound Dachshund – could become uncomfortable.

Similarly, if your Doxie is an escape artist, there’s no safety strap or locking buckles to keep them inside, so you’ll have to keep a close eye on them. These drawbacks aren’t insurmountable, but they’re things to keep in mind.

Things We Like

  • Has all the basics at a reasonable price
  • Available in three colors
  • High weight limit and length

Things We Don’t Like

  • No extra features or storage
  • Might not be secure for Dachshunds who like to escape
  • Might not be comfortable to carry for long periods.

4. PetAmi Pet Carrier Backpack

PetAmi Pet Carrier Backpack

The PetAmi Backpack is ideal for miniature Dachshunds. It’s got the smallest length of any other carrier on this list, but it’s plenty for a mini Doxie, and you won’t be paying for space you don’t need.

Why It’s Great

Representing an excellent value for the money, the PetAmi Backpack provides a safe, comfortable space for your mini Dachshund. It unzips from the top, front, and either side to provide multiple access points. 

Each of these zippers is also reinforced with buckles so that escape artists can’t try to worm their way out. There’s also a safety strap so you can clip your dog’s collar in and walk around with the top flap open, unconcerned that your dog could jump out.

This stylish backpack comes in a choice of seven colors. Even more important, however, the back and straps are padded for human comfort. There are optional chest and waist straps, too, to help more evenly distribute the weight across your body.

Unfortunately, this backpack isn’t completely ergonomic – users report that while the base of the carrier is heavy-duty enough to support your dog, it’s also hard enough to dig into your back a bit on longer walks. However, if you don’t plan on wearing it for long stretches, this might not bother you.

Like many other carriers, the PetAmi comes with a washable fleece bed lining for your dog to curl up in. Unlike others, however, it also comes with a collapsible water/food bowl in one of its exterior storage pockets.

It also has more storage than many other similar carriers. Unfortunately, these storage pockets might block your mini Doxie’s view. This backpack seems to be built more for taller dogs who can see out the relatively high mesh windows. However, we include it on this list because of the reasonable price and many other desirable features.

Things We Like

  • Low price point
  • Entry/exit points on four sides with buckle-reinforced zippers
  • Comes with a collapsible pet bowl
  • Available in seven colors

Things We Don’t Like

  • Shorter in length than other carriers
  • Dachshunds may not be able to see out of the high mesh windows
  • The hard base can dig into your lower back on long walks
  • It may be too tall for some airline size restrictions

5. Amazon Basics Premium Soft Dog Carrier

Amazon Basics Premium Soft Dog Carrier

The weight limit for most dog carriers and backpacks is about 18-20 pounds. Quite frankly, carrying around a dog larger than that is more of a workout than a leisure activity. However, if you’ve got a larger standard Dachshund and you don’t mind the extra pounds, the Amazon Basics Premium Portable Soft Crate in the 26” size has a generous weight limit of up to 25 lbs.

Why It’s Great

This Amazon Basics model is actually both a portable carrier and a folding pet crate. That means if your Dachshund is crate trained – highly recommended for this stubborn breed – you don’t need to worry about lugging around a metal crate for long vacations or extended stays.

This soft-sided, foldable crate weighs only 6.5 pounds on its own but provides the safety and security of a metal crate many times its weight. It also comes with carrying handles and a shoulder strap so you can actually put your Dachshund inside and tote them around.

Of course, like the PPOGOO Carrier, it’s a fairly basic model, so it’s not necessarily made for comfort. The Amazon Basics Crate does come with a removable fleece bed for your dog, as well as a pocket on the top and a removable pouch that clips onto the side. Again, there’s no reinforced zippers or safety strap, so don’t leave your dog unattended.

The handles and shoulder strap have a little bit of padding, but you’ll need to be strong to tote around a 25-pound dog in this carrier. If you’re up to the challenge, though, this will meet your needs.

Things We Like

  • Can double as a crate at your destination
  • Exterior storage pocket
  • Comes with a fleece bed
  • Available in five colors

Things We Don’t Like

  • Few extra features
  • Might not be comfortable to carry long distances
  • Not the most secure for escape artists

6. Kurgo G-Train K9 Backpack for Hiking or Travel

Kurgo G-Train K9 Backpack for Hiking or Travel

If your goal in buying a Dachshund backpack is to take your pooch hiking with you, look no further than the Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack. This heavy-duty rucksack can even convert into a carrier for airplane travel.

Why It’s Great

Kurgo makes highly durable outdoor pet products, including this pet carrier backpack with a water-resistant interior and exterior, and a water-proof bottom. Since this bag is made to get dirty, it’s also easy to wipe clean, and the interior comfort pad is removable and machine washable.

While you won’t be able to fit all of your gear and your dog inside, the extra storage space is generous, including two exterior mesh pockets and a large, flat interior pocket.

Best of all, the backpack straps and the padding behind them are designed for your comfort, and a removable hip belt helps keep the weight of the backpack evenly distributed.

Interestingly and uniquely, this rucksack acts as a backpack when worn, but if you lay it down on the straps, it can act as a carrier complete with a top carrying handle.

There’s not much support to act as a “ceiling” for the carrier, but if you’re in a pinch, it will serve this purpose. Since it zips completely closed and fits under an airplane seat, you could even use it as a plane travel carrier. Between the carrier portion and the straps is a padded laptop sleeve, so as long as you’re comfortable with the weight of your dog resting on your laptop, it could be the ideal carry-on.

Unfortunately, these many features combined with the ruggedness and durability needed for a hiking backpack mean that the Kurgo G-Train is one of the more expensive bags on our list. It’s not at the very top, but it represents a substantial investment. More significantly, though, this backpack is designed with taller dogs in mind.

We include it on our list because of its popularity, but when used as a backpack, the G-Train provides only 13” of horizontal floor space. Your Dachshund might not be able to stretch out or put its head through the mesh window unless the bag is on its side.

Things We Like

  • Converts from the backpack (when worn) to carrier (when on the side)
  • Ergonomic backpack design for maximum wearer comfort
  • Lots of extra storage space
  • High 25-pound weight limit

Things We Don’t Like

  • High price point
  • Not well-shaped for Dachshunds as a backpack
  • Lower ventilation and visibility
  • Only available in red and black

7. Django Dog Carrier Bag

Django Dog Carrier Bag

If hiking isn’t for you and you’d prefer a fashionable tote to take your Dachshund on urban adventures, the Django Dog Carrier Bag is a great choice. It’s a tote bag-style carrier that’s ideal for the Dachshund’s long, low shape.

Why It’s Great

The inherent flaw in the backpack shape is that it’s easier to go tall than long. That’s fine for some breeds, but it’s less comfortable – and may even be hazardous – for Dachshunds. 

The tote bag shape, on the other hand, lends itself more easily to the Dachshund’s body shape. The Django Bag takes advantage of this, with a long horizontal profile (14” for the medium, 17.5” for the large) and a high weight limit (15 lbs. for the medium, 30 lbs. for the large).  This high weight limit is possible thanks to sturdy construction, waxed canvas shell, and real leather handles and base.

Of course, that presumes you want to keep a 30-pound dog slung over one shoulder for an extended period of time. Also, keep in mind that though your Dachshund will be able to stretch out and put their head through the scooped hole in the side, the long, narrow space means they won’t be able to turn around.

Additionally, the high-quality construction and materials come with a price tag – the highest on our list. For such a price, you might expect a more stylish appearance. However, unless you like black or olive green, this isn’t necessarily the most fashionable accessory.

However, along with durability, you get lots of extra storage, with three large exterior zipper pockets and one internal pocket. You’ll be able to store much more than a leash and a few treats.

Additionally, the top zips closed, and there’s an interior safety strap to keep your Dachshund from squirming out of the head hole.

Unfortunately, since the head hole doesn’t zip shut, you can’t take your Dachshund on a plane in this carrier. We find that it’s best suited for walks around town for dogs who love to keep an eye on their surroundings.

Things We Like

  • Shaped perfectly for your Dachshund’s comfort
  • Durable materials and construction
  • Lots of extra storage

Things We Don’t Like

  • Very high price point
  • Dogs can stretch out but not turn around
  • Non-enclosed shape means not usable as airline carry-on

8. Katziela Wheeled Pet Carrier

Katziela Wheeled Pet Carrier

If you’re a jet setter who likes to bring your Dachshund with you on your travels, we highly recommend the Katziela Pet Carrer with removable wheels and a telescoping handle.

Once you’re on board the plane, the wheel frame pops off easily, and this carrier stows easily under the seat in front of you.

Why It’s Great

The Katziela Wheeled Pet Carrier wasn’t actually designed with Dachshunds in mind, but you could easily be fooled into thinking it was. At 22” long and with a weight limit of 22 lbs., this should comfortably fit most Dachshunds.

It should also be comfortable for you since you can tug the carrier along on its six wheels instead of carrying it on your back or shoulder. The handle pulls right carrier out to a full 36”, but can fold back down to store into the wheel frame.

The downside of the wheel frame is that you’ll usually have to remove it to fit the carrier under an airplane seat, but depending on how much you have to walk around the airport (and how heavy your Dachshund is), that might be a worthwhile tradeoff.

It also still has the traditional carrying handles and comes with a removable shoulder strap if you’d prefer to hand-carry it. The large mesh windows mean that it’s quite lightweight with the wheels removed.

There’s some storage in an exterior mesh pocket and a small zipper pocket, and you’ll get a fleece-lined bed that’s easily removable and machine washable. 

There’s a security strap to keep your dog inside, but we wish the zippers had buckled to ensure they’d stay closed. A few users have reported that their pets were able to wiggle themselves through. Overall, however, users were impressed with the durability of this carrier and its most useful feature: the wheels.

Things We Like

  • Rolling pet carrier with six wheels and telescoping handle
  • Long and sturdy enough for most Dachshunds
  • Large mesh windows for maximum ventilation and visibility

Things We Don’t Like

  • Must remove the wheel frame to fit airline size restrictions
  • Forward-locked wheels limit maneuverability
  • Zippers not secured with buckles.

9. K&H Pet Products Safety Dog Carrier for Car Travel

K&H Pet Products Safety Dog Carrier for Car Travel

If you’re looking at a long road trip with your pooch, you want a carrier built specifically for car travel. The K&H Travel Safety Pet Carrier is designed for maximum safety and comfort on the road.

Why It’s Great

For a quick trip in the car, a regular carrier can be fine as long as you prevent it from sliding around. However, if you do a lot of driving and want to keep your dog with you, it’s a good idea to find a carrier that you can actually secure with a seatbelt. 

The K&H Pet Carrier not only has a loop to thread a lap belt through, but also an attached strap that goes around the headrest. That secures the carrier at both the top and the bottom, ensuring that neither it nor your Dachshund will slide around.

Since it’s built for car travel, the K&H Carrier is also highly lightweight and made up largely of mesh panels, allowing for plenty of fresh air inflows. Of course, you should never leave any pet in a hot car without cracking a window at the very least, but this carrier allows for maximum circulation.

Your dog can get easily in or out through three zipped panels, and when all are unzipped, the carrier folds up for easy storage. It’s also very simple and intuitive to install or remove from the seat.

However, the biggest limitation is that this carrier is only for stationary use. There aren’t even carry handles on it – the point is to install it in the car and have your pet walk in and out. If that’s all you need a carrier for, then this is an excellent choice.

However, if you want something that you can secure with a seatbelt but also pick up and carry around, you’ll need to look elsewhere. The price is also a bit high considering that it’s essentially a cube of mesh with some straps. It’s good for one purpose and one purpose only: car travel.

Things We Like

  • Secures to car seat at two different points
  • Large mesh panels to keep your Dachshund ventilated and cool
  • Plenty of floor space for your dog to get comfortable
  • Very easy to install

Things We Don’t Like

  • Can’t be used to actually carry your dog
  • Relatively expensive
  • No safety strap or buckle-reinforced zippers

10. Timbuk2 Muttmover Luxe Backpack

Timbuk2 Muttmover Luxe Backpack

When you spend a hefty chunk of change on an accessory for your dog, a good warranty is a great selling point. Just because a Dachshund’s teeth and claws are small doesn’t mean they can’t do some serious damage when in a carrier. The Timbuk2 Muttmover Luxe Backpack comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Why It’s Great

Timbuk2 stands behind all its bags and luggage, including this backpack designed to tote your dog. According to the company, “If there is a defect in the materials or workmanship we will repair the bag at our discretion for the lifetime of the product.” Of course, this is a limited warranty – if there’s no manufacturing defect but your dog chews through the carrier, it’s not covered.

However, no matter how well-made a product is, every now and then, one will slip through with some kind of problem from the get-go. At least with Timbuk2, you know you won’t be out your money with anything to show for it.

One clever feature about this backpack is that there are two zipped windows through which your dog can poke its head out. Like many other carriers, there’s a hole in the top for this purpose, but there’s also one lower down on one side of the backpack so that shorter dogs can also see out without needing to stand on their hind legs.

This is perfect for low-riders like Dachshunds. The only caveat here is that with a width of only 13.4”, this is likely more appropriate for miniature Doxies than standard.

There’s also no getting around the fact that the TImbuk2 is pricey. Fortunately, it provides sturdy construction and plenty of features for the price. There are multiple pockets for storing pet supplies and your own necessities, and the backpack even comes with a collapsible water dish that you can clip onto the outside of the bag.

The padded back and straps of the backpack are designed with the wearer’s comfort in mind, and there are all-important chest and waist buckle straps to help with the weight. Provided it’s a good fit for your dog, you’ll both be comfortable on even long walks.

Things We Like

  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Comes with a collapsible water bowl
  • Padded shoulder straps

Things We Don’t Like

  • Warranty doesn’t apply to damage done by your dog
  • High price tag
  • Larger Dachshunds may not be able to lie down comfortably

11. Double Compartment Dog Carrier Travel Backpack

Double Compartment Pet Carrier Travel Backpack

The rest of these carriers are great for one Dachshund, but what if you’ve got two? The Double Compartment Backpack is your solution, with two separate compartments perfect for your two mini Doxies.

Why It’s Great

Most pet carrier backpacks are taller than they need to be. That’s great for headroom, but it doesn’t matter so much when your dog is shaped like a miniature Dachshund.

The Ibiyaya Backpack takes advantage of this height to separate the carrier space into two separate compartments, one on top of the other. Each compartment can hold one dog of up to 13 pounds – perfect for two miniature Dachshunds. Of course, you can also take the divider out and carry one medium-sized dog of up to 26 pounds if you wanted to.

The Ibiyaya isn’t the most elegant-looking accessory, but it’s functional and sturdy without any wasted space. There are two large exterior pockets to hold two dogs’ worth of accessories and multiple carrying handles on the sides and top for portability.

There are even loops to run a seatbelt through to secure the entire carrier in the car, making it great for vet trips, as well. The backpack straps themselves are some of the best-designed on this list, meant to comfortably distribute the weight of two dogs across your body with minimum discomfort. The waist strap is more than just an afterthought – it’s also padded and adjustable.

Unfortunately, when you’re fitting two small dogs into space, there are going to be some design limitations. For one, the only “windows” are relatively small mesh opening on the front of the backpack, limiting both visibility and ventilation. This probably won’t be very comfortable for any dog in the heat of summer. Additionally, the compartments aren’t very spacious, even for a miniature Doxie, and there’s not a lot of room to move around.

There’s also the price, which is quite high. This dog backpack really is probably most useful under a very specific set of circumstances: for the customer who has two miniature Dachshunds who love to go on hikes or long walks in the cool weather.

Things We Like

  • Two compartments for two mini Doxies
  • Ergonomic straps and padded waist belt
  • Can double as a safe car carrier
  • Lots of storage space

Things We Don’t Like

  • High price
  • Not very roomy
  • Low ventilation and visibility
  • For miniature Dachshunds only

12. Siivton 4-Sided Expandable Dog Carrier

Siivton 4-Sided Expandable Dog Carrier

If you want a carrier for your Dachshund that allows for maximum space once you set it down, the Siivton Pet Carrier expands in four directions for extra legroom. The extra-large size starts at 20” long by 11.4” wide by 12.4” high, and can expand to a total of 41” long by 32.4” wide.

Why It’s Great

Even before it expands, the Siivton Pet Carrier is plenty long enough to fit your Dachshund. The large size can hold a mini Doxie of up to 14 lbs., and the extra-large works for dogs up to 20 lbs.

You can tote smaller dogs in this carrier around by its handles or attach the included shoulder strap. There’s even a strap on one side that allows you to thread through a telescoping suitcase handle and stack the carrier on top of your rolling luggage – particularly useful for a carrier that should fit most airline carry-on size restrictions.

As with many similar dog carriers now, the Siivton includes a machine-washable pad for the bottom, and this one is fleece on one side for warmth and Oxford cloth on the other to keep your dog cool.

The pad also expands in two directions along with the carrier itself. There’s a security strap on the inside to keep your dog from hopping out, and the entire carrier can collapse for easy storage.

Because every side expands, though, there’s not much room for extra storage, just one small side pocket. Additionally, there’s not really a window for your dog to poke their head out, since the only opening is in the top.

If you’re carrying the bag by its handles, the opening is blocked. Additionally, unless the sides are expanded, they’re solid cloth, allowing for limited ventilation and visibility. This might not be a problem in a chilly environment or if cutting down on external stimuli keeps your Dachshund calm. However, if your Doxie likes to see the sights, the Siivton may be less than ideal.

Things We Like

  • Expands in four directions for extra legroom
  • Both large and extra-large sizes are long enough for Doxies
  • Double-sided inner pad for maximum comfort
  • Fits most airline size restrictions

Things We Don’t Like

  • Low ventilation and visibility when not expanded
  • Unsecured zippers
  • Little extra storage space
  • Only comes in gray

How to Choose the Best Carrier for Your Dachshund

Why might my Dachshund need to be carried?

Pretty much all Dachshunds will need to be carried at some point. Here are some of the most common reasons Dachshund owners find that they need some kind of carrier.

  • Your Dachshund is young or still learning leash manners

Dachshunds are notoriously hard to train, and that goes double for walking on a leash. Doxies have both sensitive noses and high prey drives, meaning that all their canine instincts are driving them forward when you want to walk at a normal pace.

They may stop to smell everything in their path, or they may lunge ahead every time they see a bird, squirrel, or another small animal. Either way, this can make taking your Dachshund on longer walks a trying ordeal. If you’ve got somewhere to be or you want to set the pace for your walk, it’s often easier to carry your Dachshund yourself.

  • Your Dachshund is older or has health problems

Alternatively, your Dachshund may have been slowed down by age or joint problem. Unfortunately, the Dachshund’s unusual body shape means that they tend to develop back problems as they age.

They’ll still want to follow you everywhere, but their bodies may tire easily. Just because your Dachshund is older or arthritic doesn’t mean they have to stay at home – just find them a comfortable carrier and they can still come with you.

  • You’re going on a long walk or hike.

The saying “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” comes to mind. Dachshunds have energy and courage in spades, but their legs are short, so what seems like a short walk to you feels much longer to them.

If you’ve got a backpack or carrier with you, though, you can easily tote them through difficult terrain or keep them with you after they’ve tired themselves out. Whether you prefer hiking through the mountains or simply strolling around the city, the length of your trip doesn’t have to rule out bringing your Doxie with you.

  • You’re going to be around a lot of new people or situations.

Dachshunds are affectionate and loving with family members, but it takes them a bit of time to warm up to strangers and other dogs. Of course, every Dachshund is different, but combining this suspicious nature with high energy and prey drive means that even going on a simple walk through the park can be a bit of a headache.

Instead of having to drag your Doxie around on a leash, putting them in a carrier allows both you to move freely and quickly. This also allows your dog to have a safe vantage point to observe what’s going on around them without worrying about run-ins with other dogs or stepped-on tails.

  • You’re traveling by plane (or car or train)

Recently, airlines have become stricter about which animals are allowed on planes outside of carriers. Usually, if you’re bringing a pet parent a dog on a plane or other mode of public transportation, they’ll need to be in some kind of carrier that both allows you to travel easily through the airport and fits comfortably under the seat in front of you.

Additionally, no matter what method of travel you’re using, having a safe place for your Dachshund to rest will help keep them calm during the journey.

What are the benefits of using a Dachshund backpack or carrier?

The benefits of using a carrier fall right in line with the reasons you might need one:

  • Your Dachshund can come with you on long walks or hikes.
  • You won’t have to worry about your Dachshund getting tired or injured.
  • You can walk (or hike or jog) at your own pace, instead of being at the mercy of your Dachshund’s nose.
  • You can bring your Dachshund around crowds or other, larger dogs without having to worry about accidental injuries.
  • You can bring your Dachshund with you on public transportation.
  • You can carry other things you might need (water, treats, poop bags, etc.) in the same carrier.

What makes a backpack safe for a Dachshund?

Some small dogs – think Chihuahuas or Yorkies – are compact enough that they can fit in nearly any bag or backpack. Of course, that doesn’t always mean that any bag or backpack is dog-safe, but with Dachshunds, there’s an additional issue of length. 

Your Dachshund isn’t going to be comfortable for long all curled up if they’re not sleeping, so a backpack or carrier needs to allow them enough space to stretch out when they want to.

Additionally, their long backs need extra support. Unless it’s an emergency, you shouldn’t try to carry a Dachshund for any significant distance in a regular backpack. They’ll want to poke their head out of the top to see their surroundings, but doing so will force them to stand on their back legs for a long period of time and put stress on their spines. 

This is also the reason we don’t recommend sling-type carriers or front packs that carry a dog like you would a baby; they can compress a Dachshund’s backbone. You need to choose a bag that allows your sausage dog to look around while in a comfortable, safe position. Generally speaking, this means allowing them to stretch out horizontally with their stomach – and thus their back – supported by sturdy bottom.

Finally, Dachshunds – especially the miniature variety – are small dogs, and even though they don’t seem delicate, they can be injured if they’re simply tossed into a regular backpack or bag. Carriers made for small pets have enough structure to them that the animal won’t be crushed by the force of walking or any other items in the carrier.

How do I choose the best backpack or carrier for my Dachshund?

Once you’ve found a list of dog backpack carrier options that are safe for Dachshunds, the first thing you’ll want to think about is when and how you’re going to use the carrier. That will help you figure out what features you want and even what size carrier to get.

After all, if you plan to use it mainly for airline travel, it’s no use getting a carrier that’s too big to fit under the seat in front of you. Here are some other questions you can ask yourself.

  • What activities do I plan to do while carrying my dog?
  • Do I want to be able to pack other items in the same carrying case?
  • Do I need to be able to keep this backpack on for long stretches of time?
  • How likely is my dog to try to jump out or escape?
  • How long is my Dachshund (tip of the nose to bottom, not including tail)?

What types of backpacks or carriers are available?

Though we’ve so far been using “backpacks” and “carriers” as interchangeable, they do in fact refer to two different things. As you might have guessed, a backpack specifically allows you to carry the weight of your dog and any extra cargo on your back.

These can take a number of shapes, but they have the two straps common to standard backpacks that rest the weight on your shoulders. Some are even vest-like, allowing you to carry the weight of your dog on your chest like a reverse backpack.

Carriers, on the other hand, can be either hand-carried with a simple handle or carried via an over-the-shoulder strap. They may be hard-sided and made of rigid plastic or soft-sided and mostly made of mesh and other fabric.

A few may have wheels that give you the additional option of pulling or pushing the carrier, though these are largely hard-sided carriers designed for crating or airplane travel. Speaking of travel, many carriers are made with airplanes in mind and fit the dimensions of the under-seat space.

Once I pick a backpack or carrier, how and when should I use it?

Always pay close attention to any instructions or warnings that come from the manufacturer. For instance, if a particular item says it’s not intended for long-term use, make sure you don’t keep your Dachshund inside it for hours on end. In fact, you’ll need to let your Dachshund out from time to time to use the bathroom, anyway, so always keep a leash and collar or harness with you.

You’ll also want to keep supplies with you if you plan to be out on a long walk or hike. Definitely bring water (or make sure you’ll have access to somewhere you’re going) and consider bringing treats as well, along with anything you need to clean up after your dog. Many carriers have additional space for these items.

What if I primarily want to use the carrier for airplane travel?

If you look at the descriptions of various small-sized backpacks and carriers for sale online, nearly all will contain the words “airline approved” or “TSA approved.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean much, since all airlines allow slightly different sizes of carry-on luggage.

Additionally, TSA doesn’t actually approve luggage; it only has rules governing locks on luggage. If you’re flying within or to the United States, you will have to remove your Dachshund from any carrier when going through security.

All this means you will have to research your specific airline for more information. And make sure you find the specific under-seat dimensions since your dog can’t go in the overhead compartment!


Clearly, when it comes to Dachshund backpacks and Dachshund carriers, you have your choice in products, shapes, and features. You even have your choice in the price range.

Carefully think about what you’ll use it for – a carrier for airplane flights is very different from a backpack for hiking. The most important general considerations for a the best Dachshund carriers backpacks, are stomach and back support but also think about your particular Doxie.

Do they like seeing what’s going on around them, or does it make them anxious? Are they likely to try to escape, or more likely to settle in and take a nap? Armed with these answers, you can pick the perfect carrier or backpack for you.

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