You Ask Are Dachshunds Good With Kids – I Ask Who’s Raising Them?

Have you considered getting a dachshund but aren’t sure if this is the right breed for your family? You might have smaller kids, perhaps a baby or maybe one on the way. No fear – you’ll have the answers you need to make an educated decision whether this breed is suitable as a new member of your family.

Are Dachshunds Good With Kids? Yes. A Dachshund is genuinely friendly and loving with little children plus infants. The breed is exceptionally bright with an innate understanding of the appropriate behavior to display with small kids. But, it is equally mandatory that a child be taught to act sensibly, not tease or provoke Doxies.

Those who truly desire to get a dachshund but don’t have a lot of information, learn about the animal’s temperament around small kids and infants, what she might need from you, and whether the Doxie breed is the right one for you. Let’s check it out.

Are Dachshunds Good With Kids
Dachshund is Good With Kids. Credit of IG@teenieweenielarry

What is Good About Dachshund Dogs?

Everyone loves a Dachshund, but are dachshunds good dogs? Usually, when you get one, you need to have two. The animal is playful, loyal, and protective. They enjoy being in a pack, making them a good family dog and allowing for their getting along well with kids, including the Dachshund and babies.

With their protective nature, the Doxie is keenly aware when something approaches their environment, whether it be another animal, a visitor, or a vehicle. Being a vocal animal, the dog will let the family loudly know that something is amiss.

While the Dachshund is a good family pet and loves kids, it’s essential to be careful with the pup around little children until you teach the kids how to behave around dogs.

With a unique body style, this breed has the potential for harm if kids don’t follow proper methods for picking them up or don’t pay attention when walking and trip over the small dog creating an agitated response from the animal.

Parents need to be present when the Dachshund is with kids in the beginning until they get to know each other. Once dachshunds and kids are familiar and learn to get along appropriately, parents will realize the standard, and baby miniature dachshunds are good family pets.

What Is The Personality Of A Dachshund

Dachshunds have a “small-dog complex.” The pup is daring, unafraid to go up against larger animals if necessary. There might be some aggression towards unfamiliar people or other dogs. The Doxie is an exceptional family dog since she notes being great with kids, and dachshunds are awesome watchdogs.

The Dachshund is exceptionally intelligent. While independent since bred as a hunting dog, the animal also likes to be part of a pack, answering are dachshunds good family dogs. She can be stubborn, which shows through if training is not done at a very early age.

The dog likes to sniff when something seems out of sorts and will dig since they were natural hunters of badgers who would dig down to find the animals and then bark to alert the hunters. That means the animal is highly vocal and loud.

A Doxie will need constant stimulation mentally and physically, having loads of energy. With the need for regular engagement, the animal would be a good pet for someone who doesn’t work many hours away from home and can provide the attention she needs.

What Part Of The Dachshunds Personality is Suitable For Kids And Family

A Dachshund is playful, friendly, loving towards its family, and generally picks one member that becomes her favorite. When asked, “do dachshunds like to cuddle” they most certainly do. Kids will enjoy their love to run and play. But perhaps the most notable characteristic for the family and children is the animal’s protective and loyal nature.

Leo was a cuddly, loving Dachshund who generally ran from confrontation until a giant bull-mastiff mix attacked a 10-year-old girl. The Doxie died in his effort but saved the little girl. There was a statue erected for the little dog in Serbia six years ago.

That is relatively common for Dachshunds. It is my experience with my Doxies, and it’s a very noble trait. One that a pet parent shares with their beloved companion because we would be as protective and loyal for them in return.

Is A Dachshund Friendly Towards Children

Are Dachshunds Good With Kid
Dachshund is Friendly Towards Children. Credit of FB@DachshundAddict

Those who wonder are dachshunds good with kids or friendly towards children should understand a lot goes into how an animal reacts with both children and adults or a family. Animals of any breed can only be as good to you as you are to them. They are a product of their environment.

In saying that, it’s a parent’s responsibility to work with children to teach them how to behave with the Doxie in baby steps, introducing them gradually once the dog comes home.

The child needs to learn not to touch the animal’s face or attempt to hug. These things come much, much later, after there is a bond created.

A gentle touch is important and quiet voices with no jumping around or excitability and only for brief periods to start. Gradually you can build the time up until the Dachshunds are good with kids.

How Does A Dachshund Interact With Kids

Once the Dachshund and children are familiar and the kids understand the appropriate way to play with the puppy, an excellent way for them to interact and bond with the Doxie is exercise.

Kids love to run and play, and Dachshunds are balls of energy that need at least 30 up to 60 minutes of physical stimulation each day; it’s a perfect combination for the health and wellness of each – with parental monitoring close by.

As kids grow older, taking the pup for a brisk walk through the community is ideal. Fetch is always fun in the garden, but Doxies are not always compliant in giving the ball back.

Are Dachshunds Good With Babies

Are Dachshunds Good With Babies
Dachshund is Good With Baby. Credit of

It’s important to remember that Dachshunds like to be in the spotlight, having the focus on them. A new baby is unfamiliar, and as mentioned, anything unknown can trigger the dog, so the Doxie will take time to adjust.

The dog’s age will play a factor; as an adult, training is tough because the Doxie is stubborn and feisty with being taught something new in their full-grown stage.

In any case, whether a puppy or older dog, proper socialization and training will be mandatory. You’ll need never leave the two unattended to play regardless of how familiar each becomes since a baby and a pup will be impulsive with their behavior through no fault of their own.

As time progresses, the Dachshund will instinctively want to protect the baby, and they will become close friends as the infant grows into toddlerhood.

Parents need to take responsibility for preparing a puppy for the baby. You can’t merely show up with a baby one day out of the blue. During your nine months of pregnancy, there’s plenty of time to play sounds mimicking the baby bit by bit until the child comes home.

Let the dog into the nursery to adjust to the room where the baby will be. Once the baby is home, maintain a schedule with the puppy as close to normal as possible. The animal needs her love, attention, and physical/mental stimulation as usual in the same way that baby does.

How to Introduce a Dachshund to Your Kids

An introduction should be a very casual, slow-paced, comfortable experience for the dog with the child seated on the floor and not moving around.

The Dachshund should be able to move freely around the room and capable of sniffing to see the new little person, getting as close as she feels she wants to.

If the Doxie gets close to the child, treat her for positive reinforcement, so she associates the kid with a good thing. If the pup backs out, allow her to do so and try another time again. It would be best to keep it brief and do more prolonged contact each time with treats handy. When the child gets the opportunity, the first interaction should be the handheld out palm up for the dog to sniff, no other movement—just allowing the Doxie to become familiar.

How to Teach Your Kids to Interact and Respect the Dachshund

Dachshund is Friendly Towards Children

All animals deserve respect from adults and children. As parents, we have to teach our kids how to respect them before we can even begin to ask are Dachshunds good with children. Pet parents can rest assured that Dachshunds afforded adequate training and socialization will likely grow to become best friends to a child.

It’s a beneficial, joyful, and unconditional love between an animal and child that comes naturally for both. How do you get there, though?

Respecting a dachshund will help that healthy bond develop between kids and the pup. There are specific steps you should use to teach your child how to do so.

Teach picking up the Dachshund

A Doxie is prone to severe back issues with a long body, meaning you have to be gentle when picking them up. It’s critical to show a child the proper technique and that there should be no jostling or walking around with the dog in their arms.

When learning, the child should be seated on the floor, so there’s no chance of the dog falling. One hand should go beneath the front legs under the chest, and the other needs to go close to the “caboose” as support, making sure to lift the animal in a slow and gentle movement.

Gentle should always be the key

Whenever interacting with the Dachshund, gentleness is the key not only when picking up but in any activity. That means there should never be any squeezing, tugging, or pulling any part of the dog ever. Never drag the pup by a lead or in any way over a surface by the tail, neck – at all.

Petting should be gentle strokes that follow the direction of the coat plainly, nothing else.


In the same way, children and adults appreciate privacy, Doxies like theirs. A dachshund will enjoy bonding when it’s time to play or have affectionate cuddles, but there are moments when she wants quiet time. If the pup doesn’t feel secure and safe in her space, she can become aggressive. Allow moments for:

  • Naps: When the Doxie is asleep, leave her to her rest. A child should be told that the pup has naptime the same as the kid enjoys their sleep.
  • Meals: As with humans, dogs do not want to be bothered when they’re eating. Children should not go near a puppy when she is enjoying a meal, nor should a kid attempt in any way to tease a dog with food.
  • Private: If a Dachshund merely looks like it’s enjoying some quiet time alone, inform the kid they need to wait until the dog is ready to interact. You can tell a pup wants to be left alone if she growls or becomes tense.

Is Male Or Female Doxie Better for Your Kids

Credit: Show-Me-Puppies

Male Dachshund

A Dachshund can prove to be a needy dog, but the male is more so when you look at the two genders. The boy would prefer that you be present all the time and are prone to separation anxiety. That would make him a poor choice if you work outside the home for long days.

The male is an exceptionally cuddly, friendly, happy, and expressive pup who wants everyone to be his friend. You won’t find this Daschund grumpy but more so exuberant and in love with his family showing great loyalty to a greater degree than the female does. The child that grows up with the boy will be dear to them forever.

The dog has loads of energy with a capacity to play throughout the day, making training somewhat challenging. Still, positive reinforcements do work with the pup, as do affirmations since he will do anything for a parent’s happiness.

Female Dachshund

Females are picky about the people with whom they want to be friendly since they have a more independent and finicky nature. In some cases, it can come across as aggressive. The girl has a dominant and territorial demeanor, especially when it comes to their privacy. When other dogs are around, this Doxie wants to be the boss, ultimately creating conflict.

The positive in these traits is that Miss makes a fiery watchdog. The lady is confident and does not back away if there is a problem in front of her. The Dachshund has less trouble being left alone for short periods, with some preferring quiet time. There is less demand for continual attention

While the female might sound cold and unaffectionate, she can be cuddly; it’s just she wants you to respect her quiet time. As far as kids, if you teach them how to respect the dogs, most likely the better bet would be a male who enjoys affection a little bit more than the female.

What Does a Dachshund Need From You?

  • A Dachshund is not a dog you can adopt and then not be home every day for the whole day. The animal needs someone who either works out of the house or is only gone for no more than 3-4 hours at a time.
  • A Dachshund offers loads of energy, meaning she needs physical and mental stimulation (since she’s also brilliant). Otherwise, you’ll find your house destroyed because she is bored.
  • A Dachshund needs a garden to run and play with a strong, solid fence, or she will escape either by digging under or running off to chase something down.
  • A Dachshund needs early training from the time of adoption so that socialization and learning come easy.
  • A Dachshund (especially the boys) needs tons of love and affection but is done respectfully and gently when she is in the mood.

Are Dachshunds Good With The Family Dog

Dachshund Good for Family with Children

A Dachshund is a relatively independent dog but can train early to socialize and enjoy the company of other dogs. The Doxie’s primary issue is that she doesn’t know she’s tiny.

These pups believe themselves to be much bigger than their little legs allow. If your family dog is large, you should monitor them together due to the Doxie’s energy and desire to play and the large dog also not understanding that he could hurt her.

Speaking for my little lovelies, they have two “aunt” Chiweenies, and they are all best friends. They only see each other a few times a year because we live so far away.

You would think they would be aloof or find them unfamiliar, but they’re as playful and friendly with each visit. I also had two cats whom they loved to pieces (rest their souls).

Where Can You Adopt or Buy a Dachshund?

Please seek out a registered breeder when searching for your family’s Dachshund. By doing so, you can rest assured that the puppy has responsible breeding, the vaccinations are current, there has been proper worming, and all the genetic testing has been completed, so there is less chance for hereditary conditions.

You should see the housing for the puppy with the breeder and ask to see the parents, if possible, plus their history to ensure health and safety for your dog.


So we ask ourselves, “are dachshunds a good dog for a family with kids?” If anyone knows me as a pet parent, you already understand how I would answer this question. It will depend on the Doxie and how she is raised.

A dog is the product of its environment, I promise. If you teach a Dachshund early socialization, behavior, obedience, she will be a good pup.

But you also have to train your kids to be respectful, gentle, patient, and kind. You can’t have one without the other. If you have a child that will taunt and tease, a dog will react with aggression. A child that will poke, pull, tug, prod, or drag will receive an adverse reaction.

Please don’t blame the dog for the kid’s behavior, especially if the dog was a good pup before the child came along. If you don’t train your Doxie or you’re not nice to her, you’ll get what you give. Plain and simple. But I would ask someone of that nature to please avoid getting an animal.

Other than that, with a good dog and a good kid, you’ll have a bond that will last a lifetime. The two will cherish each other because a Doxie is exceptionally loyal and protective, and kids are pure of heart and unconditional with their love. It’s a match made in Heaven.

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