Top 10 Best Shiba Inu Breeders in California (CA)

The Shiba Inu is a beautiful small dog that has a lot of personalities. Although they have been popular in their native country of Japan for a long time, these dogs have just recently become popular in the United States.

The Shiba Inu is a small dog that is fairly active and has a lot of personalities. As a result, these dogs love to play, run, and go for long walks. These dogs can also have a stubborn streak and have the tendency to be shy, so early socialization and obedience training is a must when getting a Shiba Inu puppy.

Before you decide on bringing a Shiba Inu puppy into your home you should do some research on the breed to ensure that this is the right dog for you. In addition, you should always purchase a puppy from a reputable Shiba Inu breeder. In this article, we will give you some information about the best Shiba Inu breeders in California. We will also be giving you a bit of information about the Shiba Inu dog breed and how you can find out if a dog breeder is reputable or not.

Top 10 Reputable Shiba Inu Breeders in California

There are more and more Shiba Inu breeders surfacing in the United States as this breed becomes more popular. This includes the state of California, and this state actually has a lot of the country’s reputable Shiba Inu breeders. Here we have compiled a list of all of the best Shiba Inu breeders in California.

1. Shibas of Copperdots

Shibas of Copperdots Breeder in California

Diana Smiley is an extremely experienced dog breeder with an AKC breeder of merit award, and she is even a judge for Shiba Inus for the AKC along with showing Shiba Inus of her own. As a result, Diana is well respected in the dog breeding, dog show, and dog training communities. All of her dogs have been health tested and puppies are all sold with a health guarantee. Of course, puppies are all up to date on shots and vet visits applicable for their age as well.

Diana explicitly states on her website that she is willing to answer any questions about these dogs to both prospective buyers and long-time owners of her puppies. This means that you are guaranteed a support system when you get a Shiba Inu puppy from Shibas of Copperdots.

In addition to all of these merits, people love adopting their Shiba Inu puppies from this breeder because the lineage of their dogs can be traced back to even the dog’s great grandparents in some cases. This way you know that the puppy you are getting is healthy has a good temperament and is indeed a purebred Shiba Inu.

Name of Owner  Diana Smiley
Breeder since:  1995
Address  4595 Petaluma Hill Rd, Santa Rosa CA 95404
Links  Website, Facebook

2. Southampton Shibas

Kim Bousson at Southampton Shibas is yet another extremely experienced Shiba Inu breeder that we recommend. In fact, she received her AKC breeder of merit award in 1992. Many people have claimed that Kim’s Shiba Inus have excellent temperaments and that she is the only place that they will get a Shiba Inu puppy from going forward.

All of the dogs at Southampton Shibas are health tested, and many of their adult dogs are also winners in various dog shows and competitions. In addition, all puppies are vaccinated and have been given wellness exams by a veterinarian. Like many other reputable dog breeders, there is a waitlist to get a Shiba Inu puppy from Southampton Shibas.

Kim states on her website that she chooses the potential owners ahead of time and matches the puppies up with their new homes once they reach 8 weeks of age. The puppies all get a health and temperament check before going to their new homes as well. All being said, Southampton Shibas is an excellent choice of Shiba Inu breeders to get a puppy from.

Name of Owner  Kim Bousson
Breeder since:  1992
Address  Concord CA
Phone Number  (925) 250-2343

3. Ranchlake Shibas

Ranchlake breeds both Shiba Inus and Australian Shepherds. However, this does not mean that they are not experienced and reputable Shiba Inu breeders. In fact, the owners of Ranchlake Shibas have an AKC breeder of merit award and they are also in close contact with Southampton’s Shibas, which is another reputable Shiba Inu breeder on our list.

All of the dogs at Ranchlake have been health tested, and all of their puppies have a health guarantee as well. Of course, puppies are also given all of the necessary vet visits and vaccinations before they go to their forever homes. Many people recommend Ranchlake to prospective Shiba Inu puppy owners because all of their puppies are healthy and have good temperaments.

Like many other established reputable dog breeders, you will need to get on a waiting list before you get a Shiba Inu puppy from Ranchlake. Although it may be difficult to wait a while before bringing home your new furry friend, this is usually a good sign that the breeder is breeding their dogs reputably. Ranchlake Shibas is yet another great Shiba Inu breeder in California.

Name of Owner Denise Onstott

Mark Onstott

Dorothy Warren

Address Prunedale CA
Phone Number (925) 785-8082

4. Sierra Okami Kennel

The owner of the Sierra Okami kennel is Michelle Gori, who has been breeding Shiba Inus for about 20 years. Michelle prides herself for breeding according to both AKC and NIPPO standards.  In addition, the owner of this kennel is a member of both the AKC and National Shiba Club of America.

Temperament is an important factor when it comes to breeding any kind of dog, and the Shiba Inu is no different. Luckily, the owner of Sierra Okami Kennel thinks the same, and she breeds all of her Shiba Inus with temperament in mind.

Like all other reputable dog breeders, all breeding dogs have been health tested, and all puppies have gotten a wellness check and all necessary vaccinations for their age before going home. You may also need to be put on a waiting list before getting set up with a Shiba Inu puppy from Sierra Okami Kennel.

Name of Owner  Michelle Gori
Breeder since:  2000
Address  Contra Costa County CA
Links Website, Facebook

5. Seventage Farms

Although Seventage Farms is a new Shiba Inu breeder, they are still running a reputable breeding program. All of their dogs have been health tested, and their puppies are up to date on vaccinations and vet visits as well. Considering that they are new to Shiba Inu breeding, you will not likely need to go on a waiting list before bringing one of their Shiba Inu puppies home with you.

In addition to health testing, the breeder has mentioned that they are taking an extra effort with properly socializing their puppies. This is extremely important for all puppies, but especially for Shiba Inus. This is because Shiba Inus can have a tendency of being anxious and shy when not properly socialized from a young age. To sum it up, this breeder is a great reputable Shiba Inu breeder to get your puppy from, even though they are new dog breeders.

Name of Owner  Brenda Lopez
Breeder since:  2020
Address  Cypress, CA 90630
Phone Number  (562) 228-6879
Links  Breeder Profile

6. Wagging On Home

This is yet another Shiba Inu breeder in California that is fairly new. However, this breeder has gotten some positive reviews and acknowledgments even if they are new to the Shiba Inu breeding process. They also require that you are put on a waitlist before getting a puppy. This is simply because they are popular and their litters seem to sell out pretty quickly.

Their puppies and adult dogs are all AKC registered, and they get regular health checks. This, of course, includes keeping puppies up to date with vaccinations. This is yet another good choice for those in California who are looking for a Shiba Inu puppy breeder.

Name of Owner  Brianna Fernandez
Breeder since:  2020
Address  Visalia, CA 93291
Email  Not given
Phone Number  (559) 725-1127
Links Website, Facebook

7. Lovely Shibas

Lovely Shibas is another relatively new reputable Shiba Inu breeder that is located in California. This breeder keeps their puppies up to date on vaccinations, vet wellness visits, and deworming. They also give you a one-year health guarantee for any genetic health problems after you take your puppy home.

Lovely Shibas breed Shiba Inus that are from an AKC championship bloodline. This means that either their breeding dogs or their breeding dogs’ parents have won AKC dog show competitions. Of course, this breeder gives all of their dog’s health tests before breeding them.

Name of Owner  Not given
Breeder since:  2018
Address  Chula Vista, CA 91911
Email  Not given
Phone Number  (619) 845-9659
Links Breeder Profile

8. Golden Crown Shibas

Golden Crown Shibas is an excellent place to get a Shiba Inu puppy from if you live in or around Chino California. This kennel health tests all of their breeding dogs and sells their puppies with a health guarantee. In addition, these dogs will be up to date on vet wellness visits, vaccinations, and deworming before going to their new homes.

These dogs do come from AKC championship bloodlines. This means that the dogs’ parents, grandparents, and sometimes great grandparents have won AKC competitions and have come from reputable breeders themselves.

Name of Owner  Steve
Breeder since:  2015
Address  Chino, CA 91710
Email  Not given
Phone Number (626) 780-7290
Links Breeder Profile

9. Colleen Livingstone

Colleen Livingstone has been breeding Shiba Inus since 2019, and they are a great choice for those looking to purchase Shiba Inus from a reputable breeder in California. Colleen sells all of her puppies with a health guarantee, and she ensures that puppies are up to date on vaccinations and deworming before going to their forever homes.

Name of Owner  Colleen Livingstone
Breeder since:  2019
Address  Lampoc, CA 93436
Phone Number  (805) 406-9570
Links  Breeder Profile

10. NorCal Shiba

NorCal Shiba is not a Shiba Inu breeder themselves. However, they are a Shiba Inu rescue group that is native to California, and their mission is to connect Shiba Inu puppies and adult dogs that need good homes.

To get a Shiba Inu puppy from NorCal Shiba you will first need to fill out a registration form and have a phone interview with one of their staff members. There is also a registration fee. Once you have been approved you are then placed on a waitlist and will be notified once a puppy becomes available.

NorCal Shiba ensures that their puppies are evaluated by a veterinarian and are up to date on vaccinations. This ensures that your new furry friend is happy and healthy before going to their forever home.

Name of Owner Eric
Address Northern California

Why Having a Reputable Dog Breeder is Important

Even if you do not go with one of the breeders that we have mentioned here, you should still always ensure that a dog breeder is reputable. This is the most ethical and responsible thing to do as a prospective dog owner. You are not only ensuring that you are getting a puppy from good people that treat their breeding dogs well, but you are also increasing your chances of bringing home a healthy puppy significantly.

In addition to being ethical and increasing your likelihood of purchasing a healthy puppy, you are also ensuring that your puppy will have a good temperament when it becomes an adult dog. Although obedience training and proper socialization are also important, a dog’s temperament is greatly also influenced by a dog’s genetics.

How to Tell if a Dog Breeder is Reputable

Luckily, there are some easy ways to tell if a dog breeder is reputable or not. Here we will briefly go over what a reputable Shiba Inu breeder will look like.

The Health Test Their Dogs Before Breeding Them

It is extremely important that all dog breeders get their dogs health tested before breeding them. This makes it less likely that any genetic diseases are passed down to puppies. Although every dog breed has different health tests that breeders should be screening for, the Shiba Inu will need to have their hips, knees, and eyes evaluated before entering a breeding program.

They Keep Their Dogs Healthy

It is also extremely important that a breeder keeps all of their dogs healthy, and this includes both their breeding adult dogs and their puppies. This will include routine vet visits, keeping all dogs up to date with vaccinations, and feeding their dogs a healthy diet. In addition, it is important that they give all of their dogs the recommended amount of exercise as well.

They Know Their Dogs’ Lineage

Many reputable breeders will be able to trace their dogs’ lineage to at least the dog’s parents. However, many reputable breeders can go as far back as knowing where their dogs’ great grandparents come from.

They Are AKC Registered and a Part of Local Organizations

It is always a good sign if a dog breeder is registered by the AKC. In fact, many reputable breeders even enter their adult dogs into AKC competitions. The situation is even better if a breeder is also a part of other local groups and organizations for their dog breed. In California groups like the Shiba Inu Fanciers of Northern California and the National Shiba Club of America are great examples.

You Can Meet Your Puppy’s Parents and See Where They Are Kept

It is also important that you have the opportunity to meet your puppy’s parents and see where the breeder’s dogs are being kept. This is because unreputable breeders will usually avoid their potential buyers from seeing these things. However, reputable breeders will likely be thankful that you asked to see their other dogs and where they are kept most of the time, and they will likely be more than happy to show you.

Other Shiba Inu Breeders

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