The Mauxie: A Little Dog with A Lot of Moxie!

The Maltese and Dachshund mix is usually referred to as a Mauxie, but has also been called a Dachtese. They are very cute with soft, long hair and a longer body than a standard Maltese. They are playful and loyal small dogs that love their owners. They could be the perfect dog for your family!

What is a Maltese Dachshund Mix?

Mauxie - Maltese Dachshund Mix
Mauxie = Maltese + Dachshund

People first started breeding the Mauxie sometime in the 2000s. The parents, as stated, are a Maltese and a Dachshund. Because the parents are similar in size, either parent can be the mother or the father. Mauxies tend to stay lap-sized and are very sociable. They typically inherit the best of both of their parents with their large doe eyes and fluffy, soft fur. Let’s learn more about this beautiful designer breed!

Quick Comparison: Maltese Vs. Dachshund Vs. Mauxie

  Maltese Dachshund Mauxie
Height 7-9 Inches 5-7 Inches (Miniature)

8-11 Inches (Toy)

12 Inches (Standard)

7-9 Inches
Weight Up to 7 lbs 8-11 lbs (Toy)

12 lbs (Miniature)

24 lbs (Standard)

4-32 lbs
Life Span 14-15 years 12-16 years 12-15 years
Coat Silky, Long Fine, Long or Short, Can be Wiry  Long, Soft, Wavy
Shedding None Minimal Minimal
Grooming Needs Easy Easy Easy
Temperament Intelligent, Friendly, Reliable, Kind, Trustworthy Stubborn, Courageous, Lively, Clever Energetic, Social, Affectionate
Trainability Easy Can be Stubborn Generally Easy
Kid-Friendly? Yes With Supervision Yes
Good With Other Pets? Yes With Supervision due to Prey Drive With Supervision due to Possible Prey Drive
Good for First Time Dog Owners? Yes No No
Exercise Needs Average Average Average
Barking Medium Very High High
Price 600-2000 500-700 250-800

Pros and Cons of Getting A Mauxie

There are many reasons to consider a Mauxie as your companion, but it is important to consider all of the cons as well.

  • Pros
    • They are great guard dogs that will alert their owners to anyone approaching that house that should not be.
    • They are good family dogs that love to play.
    • They are lap-sized and perfect for apartments, especially with their lovable nature.
    • Their coat is fairly low maintenance with only occasional grooming needs.
    • Very easily adapt to most situations.
  • Cons
    • Numerous health issues such as IVDD.
    • Can be stubborn which can make training more difficult.
    • Prone to separation anxiety if left alone for a long time.
    • Prey drive.
    • They don’t trust strangers and introductions to new people can be stressful.

History of the Mauxie


A designer breed is a purposeful mix of two purebred dogs. The Mauxie was mainly developed within the last twenty years and doesn’t have a long history, though it is recognized by most designer breed agencies such as the Designer Breed Registry, the Dog Registry of America, and the Designer Dog Kennel Club.

The Maltese is an ancient breed with an unknown exact origin beyond knowing that it was developed in the Mediterranean. Generally, they were found on the island of Malta purely as companion dogs. This means that they are meant to always be with people.

Dachshunds are small hounds bred in Germany more than 600 years ago. It was designed to flush badgers out of their holes. This means that the Dachshunds are driven to hunt and may chase things smaller (or larger!) than them.

You can expect a Mauxie to exhibit characteristics of both parents, such as wanting to always be with people and keeping watch as a miniature guard dog.

The Mauxie Temperament

Mauxie Temperament

The exact temperament of the Mauxie can be hard to pin down since they are not a widespread designer mix. In general, they have proven to be loyal and attentive to their families. They love being with people but can be wary of strangers if they inherited more of their Dachshund parent. They love to play and cuddle. They really just want to be with you!

Because of their need to be with people, Mauxies are prone to separation anxiety. They are not dogs that do well if they are left alone for long hours in the day. They are better for people who are able to work from home or if you are able to come home during the day to check on them.

Mauxies can be barkers so it is important to consider this when training. They want to alert their owners to any potential threats. It is necessary to work early to train your dog to not bark, especially if you are going to be living close to neighbors such as in an apartment.

One last aspect of Mauxie temperament to note is that they can be wary of strangers. Early socialization will help them be better with new people.

The Mauxie Appearance

dachshund maltese mix

The general size of a Mauxie is lap-sized. They are usually around 10 pounds and under 10 inches tall. This makes them the perfect size for cuddling in your lap! A good way to get a guess at the puppy’s future size is to look at the parents.

Mauxies are adorable dogs. They tend to have long, wavy hair that is often soft but can be coarse. They will need to be brushed to keep from getting tangled and occasional trips to the groomer will be needed to maintain their oat if you decide to keep it long.

The colors of Mauxies range from white and cream to combinations of black, brown, white, and chestnut. They can have two or three colors in their coat, including spots! The best way to tell is if you know what color the parents are then you can guess what the puppies may grow up to look like. Once the puppies are born, you can get a much better idea as their coat comes in.

The Mauxie Potential Health Problems

Both Dachshunds and Malteses are prone to some health problems. Mauxies can develop any of the health diseases of the two breeds, though in general tend to be healthier. The main issues arise in genetic issues that both parent breeds are prone to, such as skin issues.

Possible Health Issues:

  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) due to having an elongated body on short legs
  • Joint Issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Knee dislocation
  • Hypothyroidism where the thyroid doesn’t produce enough
  • Dental issues require dental cleaning by veterinarians.
  • Obesity
  • Bladder stones can cause urinary tract issues such as blood in the urine.
  • Skin issues can also be a problem and Mauxies should be bathed minimally to help avoid skin irritation

Life Expectancy of Mauxies

Mauxies are generally healthy little dogs with life spans ranging between twelve and sixteen years. The Maltese genes are generally healthier than Dachshunds and a Mauxie will most likely have a longer lifespan if they inherit more of the hardy Maltese genes. Either way, you can expect your puppy to live a long and healthy life as long as they are routinely taken to the vet and well taken care of.

The Mauxie Grooming Needs

Maltese Dachshund Mix
Maltese Dachshund Mix

A Mauxie’s fine coat will need daily brushing, especially if they have longer hair. They will also need trims by a groomer. Depending on how short you want your dog’s hair to be, more common grooming may be needed.

A great aspect of Mauxie’s is that they have very little (if any) shedding! The closer their coat is to a Maltese’s, the less shedding they will have.

Regularly brushing your dog’s teeth or giving dental chews is also important to help with their oral health. Small dogs easily develop periodontal disease which can lead to bleeding gums and even loss of teeth! Make sure to keep up with brushing your dog’s teeth and regular dental cleanings as recommended by your veterinarian.

How Much Exercise Does a Mauxie Need?

A Mauxie will need exercise despite being a small dog. Plan on walking or playing with your pup for at least an hour every day to make sure they get their needed activity. Pent-up energy can lead to destructive behavior, such as chewing.

Dachshunds have known diggers and if your Mauxie takes after their German heritage you will want to watch for digging. A poorly exercised dog will try to expend its energy in any way possible, including digging.

Make sure to exercise your dog appropriately to also avoid obesity which can cause further health issues for your dog. An overweight dog is more likely to develop joint issues and it can also put unwanted pressure on long backs which your Mauxie can inherit from their Dachshund parent.

Feeding and Nutrition of Mauxies

The amount of food needed for a Mauxie depends on their size, type of food, and level of activity. If they are very active, they should eat higher energy food. Make sure to follow the directions of the food and your veterinarian for the appropriate amount of food to feed. Overfeeding can lead to obesity, but underfeeding can lead to nutritional deficits. Make sure you feed your pup good quality dog food to maintain their health.

Some Mauxies have sensitive stomachs. If you notice your dog scratching or having digestive issues you may need to switch to hypoallergenic food for your dog. If you are concerned, always consult your veterinarian.

How Easy is it to Train A Mauxie?

Mauxies are generally easy to train. They are people pleasers that want to make their owners happy and do very well with positive reinforcement. A note to make, however, is that they may have a stubborn streak due to their Dachshund parent. Careful training with positivity will help the Mauxie through it to learn quickly.

It is important to note that Mauxie’s should not be punished due to their sensitive nature. They do better with positive reinforcement than punishment.

A good option is to hire a professional trainer to help you. This could mean a private trainer or a puppy class to help with guidance.

Does a Mauxie Do Well With Children?

Mauxies are social and love people so they do well with children in general. Do be careful that children refrain from roughhousing as Mauxies are small and fragile. Instead, be sure to monitor playtime so that everyone is safe.

Does the Mauxie Get Along Well with Other Pets?

Mauxies are usually alright with other animals. An issue might be if they have the prey drive that is innate to the Dachshund breed. If you aren’t sure how your dog will act, early and careful introductions should be done. Always monitor your dog if you are at all worried.

How Much Does a Mauxie Cost?

Mauxies generally cost between $250 and $800. Remember that a quality Mauxie breeder will often be on the more expensive end, but it is often worth spending the extra money now in order to ensure a healthy puppy.


Do Mauxies bark a lot? Yes, both parent breeds are barkers so you can expect a Mauxie to bark.

Can Mauxies be left alone? No, they are sensitive dogs that want to be with their owners all the time. The less they are left alone the happier they will be.

Do Mauxies sleep a lot? They are relatively active dogs but do love to cuddle with people.

Are Mauxies big chewers? No, but they are known to dig.

Are Mauxies high maintenance? Mauxies are high maintenance in their social needs, not so much due to grooming. They do not like to be left alone for long periods of time.

Are Mauxies good for first-time owners? Yes, due to their easy-going nature they are good for first-time dog owners.

Are Mauxies good with children? Yes, they need to be monitored so that the child doesn’t injure the Mauxie.

Final Thoughts

Is the Mauxie a good option for your family? If you want a relatively low-maintenance dog that loves to be with you, then yes. They are better for families with older children so that they are not injured with roughhousing, but they can do well in any environment due to their adaptable nature. Look into getting a Mauxie for your family today!

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