Top 500+ Unique Names for Dachshunds (Male + Female)

The Dachshund is a dog breed from German heritage, and they are shaped like a weenie or a sausage. This kind of dog is known to have an excited and sweet personality. They are not only unique looking, but they have a personality that is playful and fun.

The Dachshund is one of the most popular dogs in America because of its shape and because of its fun personality and so finding the perfect name for your dog is almost as important as finding that perfect dog.

Because of their shape, you can find some special and interesting names to give your dog. Of course, your name does not have to be based on a weenie or a sausage, but you can put your own unique ideas into naming this spirited and beautiful dog.

Best Unique Dachshund Names

The best weenie dog names that you can pick are the ones that make you feel happy, giggly or that make you smile inside. Have fun with naming your dog and pick a name that you will love to call out to your dog for years to come.

Here are our favorite top 10 names for a Dachshund breed:

Ranking Name Meaning
#1 Peanut Salted and roasted snack.
#2 Rocky Rocks that make obstacles.


Winnie Bear on Disney, Winnie the Pooh.
#4 Scooter Fast and small vehicle with two wheels and a handle


Tank Heavy, an armored fighting vehicle with guns.


Gunner A person that is able to shoot a gun well.


Slinky Toy with a flexible spring that does somersaults.


Bella Name of a vampire on Twilight or a Beautiful person.


Coco The root of a tree.


Penny A coin is a sum of money.

Top 500+ Dachshund Names and Their Meanings

Here are some of the top Dachshund names and their meanings by category:

Most Famous Dachshund Names Found Online

These are some of the most famous Dachshund names that have been searched online. These are fun names that can give you a laugh.

Name Meaning
Abbey A master at the building.
Abe Von Lincoln A catch on Abraham Lincoln
Annie Lucy A fun and feisty person.
Arely Someone that makes things.
Barkley One that barks a lot.
Baroness Katrina The leader of the hurricane.
Baskerville One that bakes yummy treats.
Baylee Someone that lives by the bay.
Beans Seeds that you cook and eat.
Bella Grace A beautiful and nice person.
Bentley A type of car.
Bert From Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street.
Biscuit A sweet bread often for breakfast.
Blue Belle A type of cow.
Bo Someone that shoots a bow and arrow.
Bonnie Bonnie and Clyde characters.
Boo Boo An accident or an injury.
Brandy A strong drink
Bubba An affectionate name for brother.
Buckeye A tree or Ohio State’s mascot
Buddy A great friend.
Cayenne A hot pepper.
Charlie Brown From the Peanuts. The one that always messes up.
Charms Magical spells or things to add to your jewelry or shoes.
Chloe Someone that doesn’t make sense.
Chubby Someone that is chunky or fat.
Cinnamon A sweet spice.
Dublin A place.
Diablo Devil
Dixie Someone that fights hard for what they believe in.
Donkey An animal related to the horse. Stubborn.
Doonkle A fast and fun person with a big personality.
Duchess A lady that is in royalty.
Dudley A type of chocolate candy.
Elvis A famous singer and dancer from the 70’s.
Felix A cat that was first in black and white.
Fritz A person that is a mess.
Gigi Someone that loves to dance.
Goliath Was slain by David. Was a giant.
Gracie A graceful person.
Gusty Fast-moving wind.
Hogan A strong man.
Huck From Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.
Fidget To mess with something, not settle down.
Jackie Famous person, Jackie Robinson.
Jett To get away fast.
Joshua One that is strong and will fight.
Klink A sound that metal makes when it knocks.
Kuri Someone that wants to know what is going on.
Lady Di Named after Princess Diana.
Lady Godiva A sweet brand of chocolate.
Lewy From Huey, Lewy, and Dewy of Donald Duck
Lickenstein A monster that only licks you.
Licorice A sweet and stretchy candy.
Limo A car that is stretched out long.
Low Tummy Something with their tummy close to the ground.
Lucy Character from Peanuts.
Lula One that dances fast.
Lumpkins A cute animal with lumps.
Madchen Someone that gets mad easily or is grumpy.
Marley A ghost or someone that buries things.
McLovin Never-ending love.
Miles Going faraway places.
Minnie Minnie from Mickey Mouse.
Mocha A chocolate coffee drink.
Morgan One that is wealthy and rich.
Munchkin Something small or tiny.
Noah A builder. One that is gifted.
Oliver Character from Disney’s Oliver and Company.
Oscar Mayer A type of bologna.
Poncho A coat to wear so you don’t get wet.
Peaches Fruit that is fuzzy.
Pepper A spice that is hot.
Phoebe A character off of the show “Friends.”
Piper One that plays the pipe loudly.
Pretzel A food that is twisted. A snack
Relish A topping made out of pickles.
Rufus Someone that is too serious.
Sassy Someone that talks a lot. Has a mind of their own.
Schnitzel A delicious treat.
Schnapps A drink made of tea or liquor.
Shelbie Someone curly-haired.
Scooter A two-wheeled vehicle that is fast and small.
Shorty Someone that is very short.
Snoopy From the Peanuts gang. A dog.
Sophie Very hyper and opinionated.
Spike Something sharp.
Spook To scare someone
Squeak A high-pitched sound.
Storm A disturbance in the atmosphere with rain or thunder.
Stretch Something long and elastic.
Strudel A yummy cake-like dessert.
Suede A leatherlike material.
Sweetie Someone that is kind and loving.
Tootsie Roll A chewy candy.
Vienna A sausage that comes in a can.
Whisky A strong drink.
Winston Churchill A very successful British army leader.
Zeppelin A singer from Led Zeppelin

Male Dachshund Names

Below are some great male-inspired names that would be perfect for your new Dachshund!

Name Meaning
Archie Bold or archer
Arlo Moving upwards on a hill
Arthur Bear or giant wrestler
Bailey Bailiff or steward
Ben Benedict or someone with a barn
Bentley Grass-fed or a car made by Rolls Royce
Billy Form of William or a hard club
Bixby Place name or a famous actor
Bobby Form of Robert or a highly educated person
Boomer Large, loud, or notable
Buster Tough guy
Carlo Man, or someone who hides
Carter The driver of a cart
Charlie Freeman also actor Charlie Chaplin
Danny God is my judge
Diesel Form of Matthias or Dietrich
Digger Someone who digs
Dobby A dove that flies high
Duke Noble or someone that acts professionally
Fido Fair and someone that is silly
Finn A man from Finland known in the book Tom Sawyer
Fluffy Descendent something that is full and hairy.
Gus Great the mouse from Cinderella
Harley From Hares’ wood a type of motorcycle
Harris Son of Harry or a timekeeper
Harry Army ruler
Henry Ruler of home
Hercules Glory of Hera
Hunter One who hunts one who finds
Jack God is gracious
Jake Supplanter one that has horses
Joey God will increase
Jonas God will supply
Juno Goddess of Love, marriage, and childbirth
Lenny Lion great name for yellow dogs.
Leon Lion or also means joined at the hip.
Levi Harmony or someone that is attached.
Logan Hollow or empty.
Luke From Lucania and someone that has luxury.
Mason Bricklayer
Max The greatest catcher or someone that loves to play.
Milo Soldier or quiet and peaceful. A dog from Milo and Otis.
Noah Rest and builder.
Odie Peace or a wood slope. Also, the dog from Garfield.
Oli Love of oil
Oscar Deer lover or movie award.
Owen Tree or youth good at spearing.
Petey Rock or someone strong.
Prince Royal son
Remi Remedy someone that fixes things.
Robin Fame and a character from Winnie the Pooh.
Rocky Rock or someone that is eager.
Romeo From Rome
Roscoe Forest or troublemaker.
Sam Director or someone bright like the sun.
Scruff Nape or someone that shuffles.
Seb Biological Warfare
Sparky Spirited or someone that takes big steps.
Theo Gift or one that loves.
Timmy Honor or to go along with someone.
Toby Good at jumping.
Tom Male or a character from Tom and Jerry.
Tucker Tormentor or one who hides.
Tweed Cloth of mixed colors
Wiggles Moving or one that dances.
Wilfred Peace or an entryway.
Willie Countable or one that loves to go outside.
Winston Joyful stone
Woody Covered with trees
Wyatt Brave and brings things together.
Zeus Living or a mythological god.
Zipper Fastener

Female Dachshund Names

Here is a great list of female dog names for your new female Dachshund!

Name Meaning
Abby Joyful and funny.
Abi Joy and excitement.
Adele Kind and amazing.
Alena Light
Ali Exalted or raised up high.
Alta Lofty or sneaky.
Annie Gracious and loving.
Aria Melody or one that likes to sing.
Aspen Quaking tree or one of beauty.
Ava Bird
Bella Beautiful
Birdie Little bird
Blair Plain
Bonnie Pretty Girl
Brix Fun and carefree.
Charlotte Free, happy, and cheerful.
Chesney Nut, energetic, happy, and crazy.
Cila Hairy or a torch lighter.
Clara Illustrious and a proper lady.
Clover Flower or a sweet spice.
Coco Chocolate bean or a cute and yummy chocolate
Cora Heart
Cove Coast or lives life on the edge.
Dahlia Botanist or loves to dig.
Daisy Flower
Daphne Tree or one who plants things.
Darla Dear one or a character on Little Rascals.
Delta River or wide spot.
Dixie South or secret place.
Dotty Gift or something with spots.
Edie Edith
Elle Girl or always happy
Ellie Short and sweet.
Emma Universal or light and calming.
Estelle Star
Everest Dweller of the land.
Evie Form of Eve
Fern Fern
Frankie Truthful
Freya Goddess of Love
Gigi Nickname
Grace Charming and moves around easily.
Gracie Graceful and sweet.
Greta Charm or playful and smart.
Heidi Pearl or someone that is a spitfire.
Indee Nerdy or silly in nature.
Izzy Oath or confident.
Jade Stone or green in color.
Jersey Grass or a small person.
Jovi Pure and well behaved.
Karina Youthful and sweet.
Kimber Simple and easygoing.
Krissy Modern and lively.
Lacey Comedic and lovable.
Lark Natural and a kind of bird.
Leah Strong and humble spirited.
Lexi Wholesome
Lila Refined and proper.
Lily Strong and also the name of a flower.
Lola Strange and trusting.
Lotta Noble
Lucy Light and confident.
Macie Hill or someone that belongs.
Mika Beautiful fragrance
Millie Gentle strength
Molly Merciful
Nora Light and a helper of mankind.
Orla Weaver
Presley Priest or sassy and fun.
Reese Ardor or loyal companion.
Ren Lotus or gorgeous.
River Nature or something with a mouth.
Romy Rosemary or spicy.
Rosa Flower or another name for a Rose.
Rosie Rose
Roxie Dawn or big spirited.
Ruby Red Stone
Sadie Princess or defender of people.
Stella Star
Tess Harvest or a real friend.
Vega Eagle
Violet Purple or the name of a flower.
Willa Resolute
Zara Blooming flower
Zoe Life
Zoey Life and character on the Secret Life of Zoey.

Long-Haired Inspired Dachshund Names

Does your Dachshund have long hair? If so, these names might be one of your favorite ones to choose for your new dog.

Name Meaning
Bear Fuzzy animal
Cashmere Fuzzy sweater
Charmin Toilet paper
Chewy Eating
Cloud Haze
Ducky Darling
Dusty Sooty
Feather Quill
Fox Fool
Fuzz Hair
Grizzly Bear
Lamb Animal
Lion Feline
Puffin Bird
Quill Feather pen
Shaggy Long hair
Silky Smooth hair
Teddy Doll
Whiskers Beard
Wolf Devour
Wookie Star Wars Character

Sausage Inspired Dachshund Names

Most people know the Dachshund as a “weenie” or “wiener” dog. Here are some great sausages-inspired names for your new dog.

Name Meaning
Andouille Pork sausage
Artemis Greek goddess
Artie Arthur or one who writes.
Asher Fire
Atlas Collection of maps
Augie Type of food
Baker One that bakes
Bean Seed or something you eat.
Beckham Cool
Birch Stick or a kind of tree.
Bloedworst Sausage
Boden Bow
Boss Manager
Brat Terror or wild in nature.
Bratwurst Sausage
Braun Strong
Colt Horse
Crew Group of people
Dash Going fast
Dax French place or a person that is short tempered.
Drisheen Quick
Eli High and someone that is known.
Enzo Lover
Fisher Fisherman
Fletcher Arrow maker
Forest Woodland
Frank Frenchman
Frankfurter Dog or a type of sausage.
Glamorgan Friendly
Goetta Knowing
Gunner Shooter
Haggis Happy
Hawk Large Bird
Hemi Engine
Hot Dog Sausage
Jace The Lord is my salvation
Jak God is Gracious
Jones God is good
Judd Flowing down
Kent Edge someone that lives a worrisome life.
Knox Round Hill
Link Lincoln or something that is put together.
Weiner Sausage
Weisswurst German sausage

German Inspired Dachshund Names

Since the Dachshund is a symbol of Germany, why not pick a German name to give to your new dog?

Name Meaning
Adler Bright
Adolph Wolf
Albern Upper Class
Albrecht Strong
Alger Spear
Amelia Mature
Anna Merciful
Aphonse Hill
Arlo Great
August To increase
Bach Father
Baldwin Friend
Barchen Bold
Bavaria Brave
Beatrix Joy
Becker Baker
Berlin Stream
Bernard Bear
Britta Lofty
Brunhilde Exalted
Bruno Brave
Carl Famous
Christa Ruler
Claus Forest
Dedrick River
Deutsch People
Dirk Rich
Dresden War
Dusseldorf Strive
Edith Excel
Emil Rival
Emmet Empire
Erika Ruler
Ernest Earnest
Ernie Giver
Eva Life
Felix Happy
Fischer Fisherman
Frankie A word for Frank, hotdog, or Frankfurt such as the metropolis of Germany
Franz Prosperous
Frederik Peace
Frida Ruler
Fritzi Peaceful
Gerda Garden
Greta Pearl or a person that is loving.
Gretchen Pearl or someone that likes to cuddle.
Gretel Pearl or a creative person.
Gunter Warrior or one that will fight.
Hamburg Battle
Hans God is gracious
Heinrich Ruler of the home
Heinz Bright
Herbert Army
Ida Hardworking
Ilse Giving
Jager Love
Johanna Gracious
Jutta Leader
Kaiser Head of the house
Karla Brave
Klein Means “small”
Kurt Courteous
Leipzig Lion or a person that wants to help others.
Leni Lion tamer
Leonard Forming
Liebling Short
Liesel Oath or a person that will lift up other people.
Lina Joyful
Lotte Free or someone that has much to offer.
Maja Lover
Manfred Deer
Margot Famous
Matteo Iron or someone that is strong.
Meyer Worker
Mischa Trader
Pumpernickel A heavy and sweet rye bread that is popular in Germany
Raymond Funny
Rolf Wolf
Ruth Friendship
Schmidt Tradesman
Schnitzel A German dish of fried thin meat
Stein Liquid Holder
Streusel A German dessert
Ulf Grey
Ursula Female bear
Wagner Battle
Walter In the army
Wanda Slender
Werner Young tree
Wilda Untamed
Wilma Wilhelmina for short
Wolfgang Wayward
Zelda Strong woman

Music Inspired Dachshund Names

Are you a music fan? Maybe you want to choose a name that is inspired by some of your favorite musical artists.

Name Meaning
Adele Kind and caring.
Alice Noble and prideful.
Amadeus Lover of everyone.
Aretha Excellence
Bowie Yellow Haired
Bruno Brown
Buddy Friend or a pal.
Cash Maker of chests
Cher Dear one
Drake Dragon
Dylan Son of the sea
Elton Old town
Elvis All wise
Franklin Free man
Harrison Son of Harry
Hendrix Field or a pipsqueak.
Lennon Irishman or someone that loves horses.
Lennox From Scotland
Marley Boundaries or the singer Bob Marley.
Melody Tune or musical.
Ozzy Oath or one that is a helper.
Penny Lane Web or a person that is famous.
Queen Female Royal
Zappa Victorious
Ziggy Protector

Color Inspired Dachshund Names

If you are an artist or you just love the colors of the rainbow, here are some great color-inspired names!

Name Meaning
Amber Fossilized tree or the color orange or red
Ash Ash tree
Blu Color or sad
Claret Dark red color
Coral Reef
Crimson Dark red color
Ebony Dark black
Fuchsia Flower
Hazel Tree
Indigo Blue dye
Jade Green gemstone
Jet Color black
Olive Olive tree
Pink Light red color
Raven Blackbird
Red Red-haired
Rusty Red-haired or something that is old.
Sage Herb
Scarlett Prophet
Violet Healthy

Sweet and Candy Inspired Dachshund Names

Who doesn’t love candy and other sweets? Here are some great names for your new Dachshund if you love him or her as much as you love your sugar!

Name Meaning
Beignet Fried dough
Biscotti Biscuit for coffee.
Biscuit Type of bread that is sweet.
Brownie Fudgy dessert
Butterscotch Flavor
Cocoa Seed from cacao
Cookie Baked, flat, sweet
Fudge Sugar candy
Hazel Shrub
Hazelnut Fruit of hazel
Hershey Town in Pennsylvania
Honey Sweet from bees
Milk Dud Type of candy
Peanut Edible seed
Reese’s Type of candy
Snickers Candy with nuts
Toffee Chewy brown candy
Tootsie Roll Roll of candy

Top Miniature Dachshund Names

Is your Dachshund small in size but big in personality? Here are some great names to describe your tiny dog.

Name Meaning
Baby Young child
Bean Legume
Bitty Tiny or a small bite.
Button Small disk
Elf Small magical being
Half Pint Very short
Jellybean Bean shaped candy
Junior Named after father
Little Tiny
Low Rider Decorated car
Mini Miniature
Mite Small
Morsel Small piece
Munchkin Small person
Nugget Lump of something
Pebble Small stone
Peewee Very small
Puny Weak
Runt Weakest
Scrappy Made of scraps
Shorty Small in size
Shrimp Insignificant
Smalley Limited size
Squat Get low
Squirt Eject
Teensy Tiny
Tiny Wee

Romantic Dachshund Names

Do you love your new dog more than anything? If so, choose a romantic name for him or her and let your dog know how much it means to you!

Name Meaning
Angel Spiritual being
Baby Small child
Bubbles Body of gas
Butterscotch Flavoring
Charm Beautiful
Chip Thin or something broken.
Cutie Cute person
Dolly Helper
Fifi Cute or the cat on Minnie Mouse.
Giggles Silly laugh
Honey Sweet syrup from bees
Lolly Treat or something sweet.
Love Affectionate and loving.
Ludo Dice game
Mocha Choice coffee
Niggles Effort or someone that tries hard.
Precious Great value
Sweetie Sweet

Country Dachshund Names

Looking for a country or southern-sounding name for your new dog? Here are some great names that will take you to a place of love and loyalty.

Name Meaning
Ace Unity or part of a deck of cards.
Allie Noble and kind.
Annabel Loving and kindhearted.
Atticus From Attica
Bandit Occupation or someone that is a criminal.
Banjo Word name
Beau Handsome
Bishop Job hunter.
Blade Sharp or something on a sword or a knife.
Blanche White
Blue Color or the dog Ole Blue.
Buster Nickname one that breaks things.
Calvin Bald
Celia Heavenly
Chance Chancellor
Chase Hunter or one that chases things.
Clay Good clay
Clementine Merciful
Cody Helpful
Constance Steadfast
Cooper Barrel maker
Daisy Day’s eye
Dawson Son of David
Deacon Messenger
Dolly Gift of God
Duke Nobility
Eloise Healthy
Faith Virtue
Fenton Marsh town
Flint Outcrop a rock that breaks easily.
Florence Flourishing
Georgia Farmer or one that controls the land.
Ginny Virginal or someone that is new to something.
Gunner Bold warrior
Gus Augusta or the mouse on Cinderella.
Gypsy Wanderer
Harley Field or a type of motorcycle.
Huck Huckleberry
Ida Industrious one
Imogen Maiden
Jake Supplanter
Jasper Bringer of treasure
Jax God is gracious
Jesse Gift
Jessie Gift or the character on Toy Story.
Josie Increase
Koda Friend one that never ends.
Lacey Lassie or helpful person.
Lady Woman
Lucky Good luck
Lulu Pearl or a type of clothing.
Mae Bitter
Maggie Pearl
Maribelle Seaside
Marley Meadow or the singer Bob Marley.
Maverick Independent or the one in control.
Merle Blackbird
Moose Animal or one with big horns.
Ollie Olive tree
Orson Bear cub
Otis Wealthy
Paisley Church
Percy Surname or the character in mythology.
Porter Carrier one who hauls things.
Preston Gatekeeper
Ramsey Lowland
Rex King or the dinosaur from Toy Story.
Riley Rye clearing
River Nature or something with a mouth.
Rocky Rest or something that is unstable.
Roscoe Deep forest
Roy Red
Rusty Fox colored
Sage Wise or a type of herb.
Sally Knowing
Sassy Flat or someone that talks back.
Savannah Tropical grassland
Scarlett Red
Scout Hard-working
Shiloh Tranquil
Smokey Full of smoke
Sugar Literary or something sweet.
Tallulah Leaping water
Tank Holder or a vehicle with guns and armor.
Tex Someone from Texas
Tillie Battle Mightily
Trixie Bringer of happiness
Tucker Fabric pleater
Virginia Pure and a State in the USA.
Walker Cloth walker
Winston Wine’s Town

Funny Dachshund Names

Name Meaning
Amber Yellowish-brown
Angel Cherub or one who lives a perfect life.
Apollo Greek Mythology
Archie Truly brave
Arlo Literary name
Atom Molecule
Augie August
Austin Magnificent
Autumn Season
Banger Firework
Baxter Baker
Beast Creature
Bernie Strong
Bingley Ringer or one who makes things.
Bologna Sausage
Boo Hoot or someone that is funny.
Booker Agent
Boston Hub of the Universe
Buddy Friend
Butch Muscular
Butters Grease
Cadbury Iron age
Captain Leader
Chorizo Sausage
Clara Clear
Clark Clerk
Clover Key
Coco Pet name
Cooper Barrel Maker
Crumpet Dessert cake
Darcy Dark one
Dash Rush or one that goes fast.
Dexter Right-handed
Dino Dinosaur
Dobby Fool
Dottie Gift of God
Duke Nobility
Dylan Son of the sea
Earnest Serious
Eddie Wealthy
Elton From the old town
Esther Star
Fig Fruit or a type of cookie.
Flake Scale or a speck.
Frankfurter Sausage
Fudge Waffle
Gigi Fancy or someone that is very spirited.
Gizmo Fixer or the character from Gremlins.
Grayson Bailiff or a person that wears grey.
Gulliver Glutton or someone that is small.
Hamilton Treeless hill
Harrison Estate ruler
Harry Estate ruler
Hector Holding fast
Heinz Ketchup
Henrietta Estate ruler
Henry Estate ruler
Herman Soldier
Holly Nature
Hugo Mind
Hulk Strong
Iggy Fiery
Ivy Botanical
Jack God is good
Jaws Strong mouth
Jefferson Pledge of peace
Jimmy Dean Supplanter or a type of sausage maker.
Kennedy Misshapen Head
Killer Murderer or one who attacks.
Kirby Church settlement
Lily Flower or something a frog jumps on.
Limo Stretch car
Lincoln Town by the pool
Link Relaxation or something connected together.
Little Lady Legs Girl with small legs
Lofty Towering or one that is sneaky.
Long Backer Sponsor
Louie Renowned Warrior
Mabel Lovable one that brings joy.
Maple Piece of Cloth
Martha Lady
Matilda Battle mighty
Mimi Grandma, mom
Missy Honeybee
Molly Bitter or sour attitude.
Monstress Monster
Morticia Inventor or a dark person.
Murray By land or by sea
Noodle Pasta
Norah Honorable
Olive Olive tree
Oliver Olive tree
Opie Made up name
Ozzy Pet or someone that is funny and helpful.
Pearl Pearl
Penelope Weaver or a person with pigtails.
Piper Flute player
Pocket Holder or something connected to clothing.
Porter Carrier or one that delivers.
Primrose First rose
Queenie Queen
Quinn Intelligent
Racket Scam
Rascal Joker or someone that gets into trouble.
Raven Black bird
Red Color
Reginald Counsel power
Reuben Behold, a son
Rolf Wolf
Rolo Revolve
Roly Rolling
Rooster Hen
Rosie Rose
Salami Sausage
Scully Town Crier
Sergeant Leader
Silver Shiny or sometimes a coin.
Sir Sausage Mr. Sausage
Sizzles Crackles
Slinky Elegant
Smokey Full of smoke
Stanley Near the stony clearing
Stretch Extended
Summer Season
Tank Strong vehicle with guns and armor.
Thea Goddess
Todd Fox
Toffee Candy
Trickle Drip or something that flows slowly.
Truly Genuine
Twinkle Glowing
Vienna Place
Waddle Shuffle or someone that moves like a duck.
Waffle Nonsense or a sweet breakfast.
Walter Army ruler
Weenie Sausage
Wiggles Shaking
Ziggy Victory

Royal Dachshund Names

Is your Dachshund going to be spoiled and treated like royalty? Show him or her off by giving them one of these royal names!

Name Meaning
Archie Truly brave
Beatrice Blessed
Camilla Attendant
Charlie Freeman
Diana Divine
Duchess Royalty
Duke Nobility
Earl Aristocrat
Eddie Wealthy
Elizabeth Pledge to God
George Farmer
Harry Estate ruler
Isla Island
Lady Woman
Mia Mine
Prince Chief
Princess Duchess
Wills Choice

Famous Hollywood Dachshund Names

Here are some famous Hollywood-inspired Dachshund names. Choose the one that best fits your new little addition!

Name Meaning
Astaire Thunder God
Astor Hawk
Audrey Noble Strength
Bette Pledged to God
Brando Firebrand
Burton Enclosure
Cary Stream
Clark Scribe
Crosby Village with crosses
Dean Church official
Flynn Son of the red haired one
Frank Frenchman or a hotdog.
Ginger Red or a spice.
Greta Pearl
Harlow Rock hill
Ingrid Fair
Margot Pearl
Marilyn Bitter or actress Marilyn Monroe.
Monroe The mouth of the River

Timeline Drama Period Dachshund Names

These names have been here throughout the times. Maybe you want to give your new dog a name that is from times of old.

Name Meaning
Bates Furrow
Benedict Blessed
Bingley Spinning
Butler Server
Charlotte Free
Edith Prosperous in war
Elton From the old town
Heath Heartland ruler
Knightly One who is knighted
Mason Stoneworker
Porter Carrier
Prudence Cautious
Rigby Farm
Weston Western Town

Flower Dachshund Names

Nothing is sweeter than a flower. Choose one of these flowering names for your new dog!

Name Meaning
Blossom Bloom
Bluebell Tulip
Buttercup Butterflower
Daff Daffodil
Dahlia Pinnata
Fern Leaf
Flora Vegetation
Heather Broom
Iris Flag
Ivy Common
Lily Water
Orchid Plant
Pansy Flower
Peony Seedling
Poppy Seed
Primrose First rose
Rose Increase
Tulip Flower
Violet Color

Nature and Season Dachshund Names

If you or your dog loves nature, here are some great names that you might want to choose when picking out your new puppy’s name!

Name Meaning
Ash Dust
Autumn Season
Bay Cove
Beach Seaside
Dawn Daytime
Forest Place with trees
Holly Berry plant
Luna Star
Maple Leaf
Meadow Open field
Oak Tree
Rocky Difficult
Skye Place of clouds
Snowy White
Summer Season
Sunny Sunshine
Willow Racket
Winter Season
Wren Bird

Crystal and Gemstone Dachshund Names

If you collect crystals or gemstones, these are some great names that you can name your Dachshund to go with your collection!

Name Meaning
Amber Yellow stone
Amethyst Purple stone
Garnet Red stone
Gem Stone
Jade Greenstone
Opal Multi-colored stone
Pearl White or clear stone
Peridot Greenstone
Ruby Red stone
Sapphire Bluestone

Cool Dachshund Names

Is your Dachshund a cool lady or a cool guy? Here are some names to show off their cool personality.

Name Meaning
Ace Cards or the first or winner.
Ajax Cleaning agent
Ale Drink
Aurora Dawn or a character at Disney.
Avalanche Caving in
Biker One who rides a bike
Blaze Flame or a fire.
Bristle Hair or tip of a paintbrush.
Bronze Statue or a type of material that is strong.
Bullseye Center or the horse on Toy Story.
Cable Wire or something to watch.
Clue Idea
Cobra Snake
Cosmos Outer space
Diesel Type of gas
Dragon Flying lizard
Echo Resound
Flame Fire
Giggles Laughing
Jaguar Panther
Jet Type of plane
Laser Optical something that brings light.
Merlot Wine
Mic Microphone
Mink Coat or a type of animal.
Ninja Fast and sneaky.
Oats Cereal
Panther Type of feline
Paws Animal feet
Pickle Jam or something made of cucumbers.
Pippin Flamboyant
Pixie Fairy or dust.
Popcorn Food of corn
Raven Black bird
Scoot Move along
Shadow Dark or something that follows you.
Skip Moving to the next
Skittles Type of Candy
Sky Atmosphere
Smidge Small amount
Sparky Bubbly
Speedy Fast
Tot Small
Treacle Mush
Trick Joke
Twinkle Shine
Wager Bet
Zap Shock

Dapple Dachshund Names

Name Meaning
Atom Molecule
Checkers Game
Cheetah Type of feline
Dotty Things with dots
Freckles Spots on skin
Marbles Hard balls made of glass
Patches Blotches
Pebbles Small stones
Pepper Sprinkle
Smudge Blotch
Stipples Dots
Tabby Cat
Sparky Lively
Blotches Spots
Brindle Tabby
Cobbles Stones
Crumb Morsel
Dollop Spoonful
Domino Game
Dotty Odd
Droplet Drop
Fawn Female dear
Fleck Splash
Freckles Moles
Grain Crumb
Gravel Grate
Leopard Feline

Unique Dachshund Names

These are some unique names that some dog lovers have named their prized Dachshund. Enjoy these names and see which one fits your doxie’s personality the best!

Name Meaning
Alpha The first or the best.
Beast A strong animal that is sometimes wild.
Benji A very smart and helpful animal.
Bogart Someone that is selfish and wants what they want.
Bristle The tips of a paintbrush or the hair of a beard.
Butters Cooking oil that is salty and sometimes sweet. Made from cows.
Castle A beautiful dwelling for people of royalty.
Chaos A mess, a problem that is big.
Chaplin The head of prayer in the hospital.
Cheese A salty cube that is made of milk and butter.
Chewy A Star Wars character or something that is hard to chew up.
Chip A small piece of something.
Cola A carbonated drink.
Dash A little bit or to go fast.
Dot Small round spot.
Elinor An old lady that is wise.
Esme A very sweet and kind girl.
Giselle An animal that can run very fast.
Governor Head of a state.
Herb A plant that can be used for food or medicine.
Iggy A lizard that is short.
Journey Going places or changing.
Legend An exciting story that can be historical.
Lord Someone that is a ruler.
Lupine The plant of a pea.
Nacho A dish with cheese and chips.
Nova A very bright star.
Pepsi A soda that is a cola.
Pippin Red and yellow dessert.
Poppy A seed or a sprout.
Princess The daughter of a queen.
Rip A tear in something.
Sargent Someone in charge of an army.
Senate A governing assembly.
Silver A color sometimes used to make coins.
Snout A long nose.
Spice Something to make the food taste better.
Storm A violent disturbance in the atmosphere with the wind.
Stretch Made wider without breaking. Made of elastic.
Tank A strong vehicle with guns and armor.
Throne A chair for someone that is powerful.
Thunder Loud rumbling or crashing noise that happens after lightning.
Tiptoe Walking quietly on the tips of the toes.
Tower A tall or skinny building that is high.
Train To teach or a fast-moving vehicle.
Trial Evidence with a judge to decide guilty or innocent.
Whirl The strong wind that spins in circles.

Are You Considering Buying a Dachshund Puppy?

If you are thinking of buying or you have bought a Dachshund puppy and you are looking for a great name, this guide is perfect for you! Take your time picking out your puppy’s name and pick one that is special to you and your family.

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