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Dachshund Resources

Various dachshund resource listings

DachshundThe following are directions to other locations that might be of interest to fellow dog lovers.

If you have a dog related location and would like to exchange information, please add a direct link to, then send us an email notifying us of its location. Once we have verified the location, your site will be added to our list during regular business hours.

Dachshund Rescue Web Page
The Dachshund Network
Midwest Dachshund Rescue
Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society
Dachshund Circus
The Dachshund Network
Able Dog Network (network for disabled dogs)

Most Dachshund Rescue organizations are strong believers in spay and neuter programs. There is absolutely no reason for a dachshund not to be sterilized and several very good reasons why they should. Most are privately funded and need support of interested dachshund lovers. Hopefully you can find an organization close to you that you can donate your time and money.