Breeding Dachshunds

Many dachshunds end up in unhappy situations that often turn out with tragic endings because of over-breeding, or people thinking they can have an extra income just from breeding some dogs.

Dachshund PuppyBreeding dachshunds is the process of producing puppies that are then sold. Today there are more dachshunds being produced than owners willing to share their homes. Some people see the high price tags of purebred dachshunds and think about how much money they can get if they just had a litter or two of puppies, after all, what harm is there?

The reason purebred puppies have big price tags is because these dachshunds aren't just your average run-of-the-mill dachshunds.

They have been bred to the highest standards. They have been shown in highly competitive dog shows that has proven they meet the standards set forth for the breed. Plus, they are bred in a high quality environment which means they get the best in care, the best in food, and are prized for their temperament and sociable nature. None of these traits come cheaply and trying to do it just for the money only results in producing puppies that people don't want.

Pet stores and puppy mills

PuppymillPuppy mills are mass dachshund-breeding operations where pooches typically endure sub-standard care and are subjected to questionable breeding practices. What this means for unwitting pet store consumers is that many end up taking home dogs who may suffer from a variety of health problems that could include contagious diseases and genetic disorders.

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Adding an adult dachshund to your family

Adopting an older dachshund to your home is a great way to know what you're getting and helps find a new home for a dachshund looking for one. However, adult dogs do present some unique problems that you need to be aware of before deciding.

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Dachshund Rescue Organizations

Purebred rescue groups are usually run by people with in-depth knowledge of a specific breed. Rescue groups keep adoptable animals until they can be placed in loving, permanent homes.

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Puppy mills produce an abundance of inferior animals that aren't properly socialized. Find a reputable breeder and understand why their puppies cost so much. Rescue organizations try to save unwanted dogs through dedication and love of dachshunds.